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Fan Files
The PAForge is always pleased to host PA related material from our visitors. You to can SUBMIT your material for publishing here.


Misc. Generic GW Material

Gamma World in Australia: A two part series from an unknown periodical featuring GW Australian campaign. Technically, I believe this system was written for GW3rd Ed., however, the only 3rd edition specific information are mention of tech levels in a couple of places. SO... this is pretty generic, and could easily be used as a resource for ANY PA campaign.
* I am currently seeking additional information about these periodicals so that I may ask permission to host them here at the PAForge. If you know something, about them, contact me please.


GammaWorld Community Adventure Series

GW5 Rapture of the Deep: The long rumored, long lost adventure module for GW2nd Ed. has finally been found. This beautiful interpretation of what 'might have been' is now available thanks to some wonderful dedicated fans of the genre and the game of Gamma World. This module is a MUST download. The look and feel are all reminiscent of those bygone years and heyday of tabletop roleplaying. 66 pages, 3.8mbs.

GW11 Omega Project: This scenario is a fan written work that completes the series of scenarios for Gamma World 3rd Ed. that was never completed. Les Braun is the author and this scenario does a GREAT job of story continuity. THANKS Les!!!!


Scot Hoover's Material
Read Scot's DeEvolution FAQ

Scot Hoover's Scavengers Field Guide in .pdf:
Scot Hoover's Scavengers Field Guide in .pdf volume 1:
Scot Hoover's Scavengers Field Guide in .pdf volume 2:
Scot Hoover's Scavengers Field Guide in .zip:
A comprehensive compilation of gear and items found in many scattered resources for GW. This is a tremendous resource for fans and GM's alike. THIS IS A MUST HAVE, DOWNLOAD NOW!! 114 pages, 4mb zipped and 5.4 unzipped .pdf

Scot Hoover's Underwater Gear: This is a supplement to the Scavengers Field Guide and is a list of gear suitable for underwater adventures. 3 pages, 251kb, .pdf

Scot Hoover's Wild In The Streets: Every GM could use a tool for generating and tracking urban gangs in the ancient ruins. This tool lets you do it all. 5 pages, 150kb, .pdf

Scot Hoover's Settlement Generation Utility: A supplement full of tables that allow the GM to generate settlement information. Used with the Settlements Tracking Sheet. 2 pages, 66kb, .pdf

Scot Hoover's Settlement Sheet: A datasheet for keeping track of the various aspects of settlements in Gamma World. A very useful tool for the GM. 6 pages, 96kb, .pdf

Scot Hoover's Mutant Manual II Version 1:
This is a HUGE compilation of more than 150 fan created creatures for Gamma World 1/2nd Ed.
Scot Hoover's Mutant Manual II Version 2:
This document looks terrific and will in all likelihood become an iconic resource for all of you who follow GW. The compilation is courtesy of: Scot Hoover with individual contributions from at least a dozen fans, most of whom you will probably recognize. Everyone please give him a shout out and thank him for his efforts in putting all of this together for us. 71 pages, 2.3mb, .pdf

Scot Hoover's 100 Random GW Events: 100 random events for use in GW or any apocalyptic setting. Ready for GM imagination. 3 pages, 25kb, .pdf


Zirra Scrohunter's Material

New Aquatic Creatures : Some critters that were intended for the Fan Written GW5(the unwritten/unpublished/lost GW2nd Ed. Scenario from TSR) 110kb

New Creature and Weapon : A mutated shepherd and weapon for GW2nd Ed. 9kb

New Mutations : Some new mutations intended for GW4th Ed. 48kb

Zirra's Winter 2004 Update : adds new GW material and revises old material. 25kb

Zirra's Winter 2005 Update : adds new GW material and revises old material. 22kb

Zirra's Summer 2005 Update : adds new GW material and revises old material. 40kb


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