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Years Four and Five News Archive 2006-2007


News Bullet'n12/01/07 : Ok, I've put together a 'Christmas Special' for everyone. I have three additions to the site, listed below :
1. I've added a new page, PA MMORPG's : Omega Conflict. It is still in development, but it looks quite interesting. If you'd like to be in on the ground floor and/or see what it's all about, just click the link in the menubar to your left.
2. Tucker Bair has submitted a series of printable cutout templates based on the Fallout game. They can be used as generic apocolyptic fodder or if your into the Fallout PnP game, these are IDEAL. Get them all now on the Fallout PnP page.
3. Drel Pryn has submitted a printable cutout set for Gary Jacquets Subway Scenario, also found here. It is a scale train ready for printing and playing. Enjoy! These and all cutout templates can be found in the new link under the GM Resources section.
As usual, thank you one and all who take the time to add to our archive of resources here.


News Bullet'n10/01/06 : I forgot to include the maps with Russ' latest adventure Playground of the Dead ( Russ I'm VERY sorry! ). Anyway, I've added them in, so please RE-download the adventure. Also, Russ has given us a brand new, WILD and WAHOO adventure to break the monotony of our regular 'serious' apocalyptic fare with his Mystery Science Theatre 3000 adventure. COME ON! You know you want to!
You can find this under the Metamorphosis Alpha link. THANK YOU RUSS (not only for your submissions, but for getting my off of my arse).
While I'm at it... thanks to Charles Fodel for pointing out a link error to the Savage Worlds GW conversion. Its all fixed now...


News Bullet'n09/24/06 : Ok... I know there haven't been many (read ANY) updates in awhile, and for that I am REALLY REALLY sorry! I have competing commitments right now that are sucking up ALL the time that I would normally reserve for gaming and website issues. BUT.... Russ Westbrook has come through for us, plus I'm working on getting a couple of other items up. Russ (Wilowisp) has given us an updated Playground of The Dead to chew on. This version simply uses the MatO rules (with errata). You will find it in the Metamorphosis Alpha menu. ENJOY! It is MUCH improved and worth a looksee.


News Bullet'n06/12/06 : Five(5) more files for the Fallout PnP game have been submitted for your gaming pleasure. Check them out under the Fallout PnP link to your left under Featured RPG's.


News Bullet'n06/09/06 : Its been awhile hasnt it old friends. Well, Derek M. Holland has come through to quench our little dry spell here and donated all the files for the Fallout PnP game. You all remember those series of classics Im sure.... It is now in the featured RPG's section. Just click the link and download the series. A special thanks goes out to all those who contributed to this extensive collection.


News Bullet'n04/20/06 : Ok everyone, the final FINAL draft of the fan produced Gamma World module GW5 Rapture of the Deep is up on the Fan Projects page, so if you have time, please download it and check it out thoroughly, because the next time you see it will be as a release. THANX goes out to Les Braun and the Gamma World community for their tireless efforts in getting this ready. They really diserve a hearty WELL DONE!


News Bullet'n02/26/06 : Holy smoke! Has it really been this long since I posted any sort of update?! Well...things have been really bad for me time wise these days. But I haven't been completely inactive. I have been working on a completely new Task Resolution System, that I will be offering as an alternative to brand names. I know there are plenty of others out there, and some of them are quite good, but I had to leave my own mark. The system is tentatively called TGRS ( Tabletop Gaming Resolution System), though it may end up with another tag in the end. It is a scalable XD6 system, that is a class-less and level-less system. I think it has a few innovations worthy of consideration and I'll soon have a working copy of it up for people to check out and give feedback on in the Under Development section. This one item is taking ALL of my usual, if limited, writing time and that is why you haven't seen anything new from me in awhile. I am making progress, it is just measured in 2-6 pages a week unfortunately. I currently have 81 pages, and it looks as if the finished product will be around 150 pages and it could be a lot more if I wanted to go into more detail on some processes. BUT...the real reason your hearing from is that there's been a new submission. Everyone needs to try out the new APOCALYPTIC TRIVIA QUIZ brought to you by the good people at the GammaWorld yahoo group and MARS. And thanks to this submission, I've had to create a new menu item...Fun and Games. You can find this under the Literature section of the menubar. Thanks guys, its TONS of fun!


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