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Year Three News Archive 2005


News Bullet'n11/16/05 : I've just completed the concept and layout drawings for New Hope, a campaign location for the Masters of the Earth setting. It is a large multi-level underground city to either base a campaign around or to discover during the course of adventuring. I think it will be interesting, so check it out. You can find it under the Campaign Maps link of the menubar. Let me know what you think.


News Bullet'n11/11/05 : Ok...I've got two new items for you all. First, Russ Westbrook has come through with yet ANOTHER scenario set aboard the starship Warden of Metamorphosis Alpha, using the GW2nd Ed. rules. This one is called A Tale of Two Vehicles-Water Quest and is a continuation of the series begun with the Quest for Elvis and Beyond the Wall of the World. It can be found under the PA Scenarios link or the MA link in the menubar.
Also...The PAForge now has a new menu selection and is proud to host fan generated projects that require review and feedback. If you look under the menubar to the left you will see a new link Fan Projects. If you look there you will find the latest files that require review and feedback from authors such as yourself. In this case, the latest file is GW5:Rapture of the Deep, the long-lost, never produced module for Gamma World. Fans of GW have come together to do something wonderful. They have labored long and hard to produce this module and it is in its final draft stage. It only requires YOUR feedback to be published. So give them a hand and check it out.

REMINDER : Please check out The Messiah Chronicles. I urge you to GO HERE to see what all the hub-bub is about.


News Bullet'n11/10/05 : Russ Westbrook has already found a bunch of broken links. I don't know how they slipped through, but I think I've fixed them. THANKS RUSS...! Anybody find anymore let me know so I can get them puppies up.


News Bullet'n11/09/05 :
It's been a long time in coming, but here it is. I've finally found a permanent home for the PAForge. You will note that the PAForge is now completely AD Free. I may at some future point carry ads that I feel are topical and useful to those of you who frequent us here, but for now you can breath freely.
Also gone are the frequent bandwidth issues that have plagued us and often prevents downloads at key points, usually with a new submission or release.
I do intend on giving the PAForge a new look, but for now the old look will have to do. There have been some major changes behind the scenes, but otherwise things should be much as they were. Please do look around for the changes that I did make, they are often subtle and hard to find.
With the new PAForge I also have a new submission that I've held onto for far too long for various reasons. My apologies MUST go out to Nathan Decker. Some of you may have checked out Nathan's Morrow Project Travel Guide previously...well, if you did or didn't I suggest you check it out AGAIN! He has VASTLY expanded it to include MUCH more information, and frankly I consider this a MUST download. Please do give Nathan a shoutout when you check it out, it is a tremendous piece of work and he deserves some kudos for it.
Please let me know if any links are broken. I tried as best as possible to check everything, but I'm only human and this site and its contents are actually quite extensive. I would also welcome any comments or suggestions you all may have, so don't be shy.....seeya all in the wastelands. GH


News Bullet'n10/26/05 : Russ has come through yet again...! Not only has he updated his Quest for Elvis scenario, but he has also taken the time to produce another fun scenario set aboard the starship Warden of MetamorphosisAlpha fame. Beyond the Wall of the World has members of the Clan of Man set out to discover what is beyond the barrier of the known world. The common belief is that it shields those that have passed into the after-life. Come join the adventure and find out for yourself. You can find it under the MA link as well as the Scenarios link in the menubar to your left. ENJOY!


News Bullet'n10/20/05 : James Ward and crew have been working on Metamorphosis Alpha 4th Ed. If you'd like to be in on the discussions or find out what's up, check out his forum at : GO HERE


News Bullet'n10/05/05 : Well, I know its been awhile since the last update and your all probably wondering when I'll get some new content up. I have no answer to that, my schedule is VERY tight these days for one reason or another.
I do have something I'd like you ALL to check out though. Wolfman, a member of the PAForge Forum, author and artist (among other talents) has just released an installment from a new series of books, The Messiah Chronicles. I urge you to
GO HERE to see what all the hub-bub is about. Please support the genre we love so much, and purchase from genuine fans of the genre who are also authors and game producers.
I've also placed a new article in the Misc. Articles section, Apocalyptic and Post Apocalyptic Science Fiction.


News Bullet'n09/15/05 : There is a new link under the Literature section, Misc. Articles. I just added an article about the history of the ballistic missile under that menu item. Feel free to suggest other articles with that apocalyptic glow about it.


News Bullet'n09/14/05 : Since I was playing with the MOTE armor doc, I decided to stay with that theme. There is a new resource, the Armor Glossary. It details the terms and terminology of medieval European armor. I thought it might come in handy some time. The Armor Glossary can be found under the GM Resources menu of the menubar. ENJOY!


News Bullet'n09/13/05 : I still haven't had much time, but I was able to complete an update of the MOTE D20 Armor System. I've added in 6 'suits' that do various things and corrected some syntax and formating errors. It contains just about ANYTHING you could dream up dealing with armor. It has it all, so if you haven't checked it out before or you want the latest update, be sure and grab it. I have yet to receive even a single comment of this document, so please take the time to let me know what you think. You can find the ducument under the Masters of the Earth link on the menubar.


News Bullet'n09/08/05 : I've just received a press release from Jim Ward concerning the new MetamorphosisAlpha hardback book that I thought I'd share with all of you....
"The MA hardback is still in editing and development. We've just completed the character sections on robots, androids, and plant mutations. The sections on the Warden and the Alien Asteroid are finished. It's hoped that we can finish the manuscript in two months. Then we will have to take most of it and make it into a PDF for sale to raise the money to print the 292 page hardbound book. All I want to do is make 5,000 copies for distribution."


News Bullet'n09/03/05 : Some or all of you may have been wondering....'what the hell happened to GammaHammer'? Well...GH has been busier than a squirrel in a nut farm lately. That's what's happened. Not only has my workload at my job increased substantially, but I also somehow got myself volunteered to be a soccer coach. So...what precious little time I had to write has gone out the window. Things look grim for the foreseable future, though I am SLOWLY working on a sequel to The Subway module by Jaquet.


News Bullet'n07/23/05 : Howdy folks... I just wanted to let you all know that GammaHammer will be on vacation for the next week (23-29 July) and largely unavailable. I do apologize if any issues that may come up that require my attention and I am not responsive. I will make the attempt to check my email and the board, but I can't guarantee that I will have internet access.


News Bullet'n07/20/05 : There is a new resource under the GM Resources option of the menubar, Pre-Modern Trades and Professions. It is a 75page list with brief definitions for each entry. I thought it might be useful. ENJOY!


News Bullet'n07/18/05 (later that day) : I took Nathan's advice and added in aquatic creatures to the PC Animal Stocks document. While I was at it, I added in a couple more insect species, abilities and a new sexy cover. If you previously downloaded it, you might want to grab the new one.


News Bullet'n07/18/05 : Just completed the MOTE PC Animal Stocks document. It has been updated and expanded. NO new species templates were added, but most if not all of the abilities have either changed in some way or new ones added. You can check it out in the usual spot, under the Masters of the Earth link in the menubar.


News Bullet'n07/13/05 : Alrighty then! Finally completed the revamp of the MOTE Mutations System document. It contains TONS of changes and new material. It is in D20 format, but there is plenty of stuff that can cross over to any system. It's 51 pages of fun, check it out under the Masters of the Earth link in the menubar. Next on the list is the Animal Templates for PC animals. This shouldn't take very long, but it depends on my RL schedule, as usual.


News Bullet'n07/11/05 : I've been real busy lately. I've got a few things in the works, one of which is almost complete. To hold you over you can check out a new GM resource, The List of Phobias found over in the GM Resources section of the menubar.


News Bullet'n06/30/05 : One more attempt to get Scot's SFG out there. I've broken the rather LARGE pdf file into two seperate files and uploaded them. Hopefully you can now download it. You can find the SFG under both the GW1 and 2 links. Let me know if there are problems with the pdf's. THANKS TO ALL THOSE WHO HAVE TAKEN THE TIME TO WHINE. MUCH appreciated. ;-)


News Bullet'n06/29/05 : A last update before the month ends. I was trying to get the MOTE Mutations System out before the end, but it looks like I'm not going to get it done. So...I offer a submission by Russ Westbrook. It is a new tongue-in-cheek adventure set on the Starship Warden (MAtoO) that looks to be good fun. This can be found in the Metamorphisis Alpha link on the menubar. Also, many of you have said you've had problems with file corruption of Scot Hoover's Scavengers Field Guide. I've uploaded a fresh copy I know to work on my own computer and also added one more download link. So, give it yet ONE more try and let me know if there are any more problems.


News Bullet'n06/20/05 : Zirra's 2005 Spring Update is here. Just under the wire for summer! In it you can find some minor corrections to previous editions as well as new mutations, items and creatures. This is for Gamma World 4th Ed. but has some generic material as well. Check it out under the GW4th Ed. link...DUH! .


News Bullet'n06/16/05 : After completing the new weapons system I knew I had to update the armor system as well for MOTE. Well, I've finally gotten around to doing just that. The new Mote Armor System contains 16 pages detailing armor with plenty of alternate rules and systems. You want a no frills armor list, you got it. You want a materials based armor system, you got it. What's that you want to know how to handle piecemeal armor in your D20 world, well, I covered that to. Lets not leave out mounts, powered armor, accessories for armor and helmets, shields, you name it. I think I covered just about everything you could want in armor. If not, let me know and I can add that in too. You can check it out under the Masters of the Earth link of the menbar just to yur left there. Go know you want to.


News Bullet'n06/07/05 : I've received reports that the Scavengers Field Guide file is corrupted, so I replaced it with another, that works for me at least. For those of you who have had trouble, give it another try. I've also added another download link, in case the bandwidth is exceeded on the other two links. Sorry about the problems. Let me know if there are anymore issues. -The Management


News Bullet'n06/04/05 : Scot Hoover has come through again. He has submitted some VERY NICE resources. You really need to check them out. They can be found under the Gamma World 1 and 2 links. The biggest is a comprehensive compilation of gear and items found in other official GW OOP resources called the Scavengers Field Guide. This thing has it all and is well worth the download time I can assure you. He has also given us a Settlement tracking/datasheet form, a supplement to the Scavengers Field Guide full of underwater gear and Wild in the Streets which details the methods and processes for generating and tracking urban gangs in the ruins of the ancients. If you desire to learn a little bit more about our benefactor he has also provided a DeEvolution FAQ. So...ENJOY one and all, and MUCH thanks to Scot for his hard work!!!!


News Bullet'n05/24/05 : Ughhhh...I haven't worked on a single thing for the site since earlier this month. I've been TOTALLY swamped at home and work. Don't worry though..I've got plenty of stuff planned. In the meantime...I can always count on you guys to fill the gaps. Here's the latest from an anonymous donor, an errata for Metamorphosis Alpha to Omega. The game is apparantly unplayable in its presented form and this document fixes that issue. It can be found under the Metamorphis Alpha link, of course. ENJOY!


News Bullet'n05/06/05 :This has been a GREAT week for guest contributions. I have another submission to post from Scot Hoover working over in Vietnam. It is a compilation of many of the fan generated, publicly released creatures for Gamma World. This compilation contains over 150 entries and is destined, in MHO to become an iconic fan resource for those of us who enjoy Gamma World. The creatures are currently formated for GW 1/2nd Ed. and can be found under either of those links in the menubar. If you enjoy the compilation, please do let Scot know as he obviously put a lot of effort into it.
Due to popular demand, Scot's MM2 has exceeded my bandwidth limit. I've mirrored the file on a couple of other sites, so for those of you who weren't able to pick it up earlier, try again. -The Management


News Bullet'n05/05/05 : Guess what I found....WRONG! I found an article on Gamma World from Nuketown I was supposed to post a couple of months ago and forgot about. can find the article in the Misc. Literature section of the menubar under the Nuketown Literature link. Also, Russ has submitted yet another adventure for publication here, which I'll be posting either today or tomorrow. Theres going to be a lot going on this month, so check back at least once a week.
LATER THAT DAY: I just posted a new scenario from an anonymous donor that is an adaptation of a tree village from one source to Gamma World 2nd Ed.
You can find it under both the Scenarios link and the Gamma World 2nd Ed. link. Enjoy and thank you ANONYMOUS DONOR, you know who you are though a mysterious benefactor to us.


News Bullet'n05/04/05 : I've finally completed the MOTE Nomen Civilizations document. It details 17+ new intelligent races suitable for the MOTE setting or any D20 based campaign. In addition there are new mutations, NPC abilities and weapons detailed. Check it out under the Masters of the Earth link in the menubar. Let me know if there are any problems with it, I have to do my own writing and editing, and I often screw up one or the other or both processes. Also...Dan McGowan submitted a couple of Gamma World utilities that I've placed under the GW2nd Ed. link. The first allows the GM to generate NPC characters, ready for play, the second does the same for creatures. They work pretty good, check them out. I may have misplaced them, just let me know if I dorked that up too.


News Bullet'n05/03/05 : Jason Locher just submitted an update to his Omega World Mutant Stocks document. The formatting is better and he expands some of the new mutations. Check it out under the Omega World link in the Featured RPG's section.


News Bullet'n04/07/05 : I'm now working on a compendium of intelligent NPC races in the D20 format for MOTE. This should be ready in a week or so. This has further delayed the completion of the Farm Fresh scenario. All of these creaters will be of my own creation, although many of you will recognize some of the uiversal types, like dog creatures, bear creatures, etc..I felt compelled to cover the standards just like everyone else. Oh yeah...there's a new menu option available under GM Resources, Forms of Government. It's merely a list of words and brief descriptions of forms of government, including more than a few whacked ones.


News Bullet'n03/23/05 : I've been busy...There are three new links in the Menubar, Descriptive Terms under the Literature link, Geographical Terms and Materials Info under the GM Resources link. Check them out when you get a chance. Also...DRUM ROLL PLEASE....! : The PAForge and me are proud to present the Masters of the Earth Lexicon. It is a new alphabet and vocabulary system with hundreds of pre-made words for the PA genre. Anytime you need a strange word for something or to name a creature or object, just use the lexicon and bewilder and amaze your friends, colleges and most importantly, your players. Please do check it out, I think it's pretty cool myself. You can find this amazing resource under its own link in the Literature section or also under the MOTE link. Let me know what you all think.


News Bullet'n03/14/05 : While writing the Farm Fresh scenario I realized that I had not documented any of the NPC races in the setting. I've added that to the Underdevelopment Page. I also did some minor tweeks to the MOTE NPC Classes document, because again, I forgot to account for the feats heavy system that MOTE uses when I completed the Feats document. AND...I forgot to add the new Weapons Compendium files to the comprehensive .zip file. YEAH....I get to show everyone just how human I am...DOH!!


News Bullet'n02/28/05 : Russ Westbrook, a regular contributor here at the PAForge, has been grieving at the lack of material for Metamorphosis Alpha to Omega and has committed himself to correcting this egregious omission by providing a basic character sheet for the system. Check it out under the Metamorphosis Alpha link, durrrr! THANKS once again Russ!


News Bullet'n02/22/05 : ....Later that day! Some of you may notice changes to the menubar on the right hand side. I've tried to clean it up a bit, and moved some links from one category to another, so some links may not be where you remember them, but hopefully are in a more logical location. You'al need to let me know if links are broken....I tried to test them all, but I might have missed one or two. I've also added some things..
1. New Menu Item: News Archive. You can now view past news entries by year.
2. New Menu Item: GM Resources - U.S. and Russian Nuke Inventories.
3. New Menu Item: GM Resources - Additional U.S. Munitions Data
4. New Menu Item: GM Resources - Data on U.S. Weapons systems including tracked, wheeled and crew served weapons systems.
5. Added two new projects to the Under Development page (and added the Under Development link to the Menubar as well)

See...I've been busy today.


News Bullet'n02/22/05 : Alrighty then...I've finally DONE IT! I've completed the long promised PAForge D20 Weapons Compendium. It is more than merely a list of weapons, it is a complete weapons system in the D20 format. 27 pages of weapons data, + numerous linked pages for additional information. You should create a directory to place the files in before unzipping. I spent a good deal of time on this project, I hope you all find it useful. It can be found under the Masters of the Earth link in the Menubar. I wish I had had more time to perfect it, but I was getting a serious case of 'burn-out' and I could have kept adding and updating it forever, so I decided to release it as is before it killed me.


News Bullet'n02/21/05 : Kenneth MacArthur has completed a conversion of Gamma World to the Savage World Mechanics. I think he did a great job, but you should check it out for yourself. It includes just about everything you need to start off with your savage GW campaign. It can be found in a new section called Campaign Conversions in the Campaign Info area of the Menubar. THANKS Ken!!!!


News Bullet'n02/07/05 : I've added a couple of files to the GM Resources links. The first gives a basic understanding of muzzleloading technology, the second is a list of U.S. military weapons systems by a three letter code and also listing the branch that uses it.
Also..Vanzirra has submitted new Gamma World material. It is generic enough to be useful for any GW edition and includes a new cryptic alliance, new armor, several new meds and other items. Clarifies the usage of the Temportation mutation from a previous release. And to top it all off Zirra introduces another plant creature type to populate your forests with. You can check this gem out in ANY of the GW links in the menubar. ENJOY and THANK YOU ZIRRA!!!!


News Bullet'n01/29/05 : There's a new article available in the Literature section. Written buy USAF, it details the terminology, technology and function of non-lethal weapons. It's an interesting article for those interested in the subject.


News Bullet'n01/20/05 : Russ Westbrook just submitted another in a series of adventures set on the 11th level of the starship warden of Metamorphosis Alpha fame, using the GW2nd Ed. rules. Check it out under the GW2nd, MA and the Scenarios links on the menubar.
As for me, I'm still working on that Weapons Compendium I mentioned. Also in the works, a generic scenario writing method and conversion kit and at least one major scenario based in the MOTE world.


News Bullet'n01/03/05 : While surfing the net this evening I noticed something...for those of you who are familiar with the famous, or as some might say, 'infamous' HobbitKing and his HobbitLands, you can now either rejoice or mourn the demise of that 'resource'. I for one am rejoicing as this personage was notorious for ripping peoples material off without credit or permission, including my own. I only announce this bit of news because so many people have linked to his site and I wanted everyone who has done so to know about it so they can make appropriate changes.


News Bullet'n01/02/05 : Well, it's the new year and so I feel obliged to give you all something BRIGHT...SHINY and NEW to go along with it...Zirra has submitted some new mutations, defects, critters and updates to previous documents. You can find that in the GW4th section and Russ Westbrook has submitted a new scenario for GW5th Ed. which can be found both in the GW5th Ed. menu and the Scenarios menu. THANKS GUYS! I hope everyone has had a happy and safe Xmas and New Years. The PAForge will do its part in insuring a great apocalyptic check back on occasion for new stuff.


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