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News Bullet'n12/18/04 : Les Braun has just submitted the lost scenario GW11: Omega Project for Gamma World 3rd Ed. This scenario completes the series begun but later abandoned by TSR. You can find it under both the GW 3rd Ed. and the Scenario links from the menubar. This scenario was well written and does a terrific job of maintaining story continuity. THANKS Les!!!!


News Bullet'n12/17/04 : OK...the BIG DAY has finally arrived! What's THAT U say? Why, it's the day I release what should be the final versions of all the Masters of the Earth documents in D20 format. I've always intended to create my own resolution system, and D20 was always meant to be an interum system to get people interested in the genre and in MOTE. For those of you who have been following the various changes in MOTE D20 you need to download pretty much ALL the new stuff under the Masters of the Earth link on the menubar. There have been SOO many changes that I could sit here and tell you about them for hours. Please do download and check them out.
I've also managed to complete something I've been promising for some time, and that is the MOTE Automatons System. You can now make, break and repair automatons like never before. Included are NUMEROUS pre-built templates for you to slide right into your scenarios if you don't feel like making your own. While I was at it, I also made a system for creating new creatures based on the OGC/MOTE OGC creature type and subtype system found in the NPC/Classes document. This system is called MOTE MAD SCIENCE, check it out when you get a chance.
I'm also taking this opportunity to announce my disassociation from MOST of the yahoo groups and forums I've been frequenting, some for a number of years. I find that I no longer have the desire to MAKE the time to participate in most of these groups....if you've missed me, that is why. I can still be found in some forums, namely at :
The PAForge Forum and also at The PAForge yahoo group and I'm always available by email. Please join me at the PAForge forum and yahoo group where we will continue to grow the apocalyptic community together. AND PLEASE CONTINUE TO SUBMIT PA RELATED MATERIAL HERE...don't stop just because I'm not always hounding you! Thank you...The Management!


News Bullet'n12/15/04 : For those of you who may have a need, I've just added a new link in the LISTS area of the menubar. You can now convert ammunition types from gauge to caliber to metric and also find bore diameter and a host of other ammunition esoteria.


News Bullet'n12/11/04 : Zirra_Scrohunter has submitted yet ANOTHER document for Gamma World 2nd Ed. A new creature based on the German Shepherd and a new laser weapon for underwater use. THANKS ZIRRA!!.
Despite not posting anything recently I HAVE been a busy little bee. I am SOOOO close to a new release of ALL MOTE documents. I have rewritten large portions of some of the MOTE documents and expanded others, made clarifications, MANY changes scattered here and there. I'm just waiting to finish one last document (at 71 pages now) to announce the changes and post them here for you all to check out. If you'd like to see what I have done prior to the public release, just drop me an email and request it. The zipped file will be about 2.6meg.


News Bullet'n10/19/04 : I've added a new link in the RPG Links page, Alternity Net, a forum and resource for the Alternity system. Check it out, TONS of goodies there. I've also added another 16 EBOOKS for your collecting pleasure.


News Bullet'n10/16/04 : Russ Westbrook submitted yet another item for your GW playing pleasure. This time it is a scenario set on the starship Warden of Metamorphosis Alpha fame, but using GW 2nd Ed. rules. Comes complete with maps. Check it out under the GW 2nd Ed. link. THANKS RUSS!


News Bullet'n10/04/04 : Russ Westbrook submitted some house rules detailing how to handle the alien invasion and genetic locks on weapons for GW5th Ed. You can find them under the GW5th link.


News Bullet'n9/23/04 : DARN IT!!!! I let the PAForge's anniversary pass without note. Shame on me...well, the PAForge (in this incarnation) turned 1 year old on the 3rd of this month....YEAH! The PAForge has come a long way since then and I intend to carry it a lot farther. If I can get half of what I got done this last year the PAForge will be the IT place to find all your apocalyptic needs.
I've also added a bunch of EBooks...check them out.
In can now join the
PAForge Forum for discussions on anything apocalyptic. I specifically started the forum for those of you who HATE to Yahoo! Come join me there and we'll have an Obb Beer or two, or three, or more.


News Bullet'n9/22/04 : Jason Locher has submitted some new Mutant Stocks that expands those available for Omega World, the Polyhedron#156 D20 precursor to Gamma World D20. Check them out...they're pretty kull! THANKS JASON!!!! They can be found under the Omega World link on the menubar...DEERR.


News Bullet'n9/21/04 : There's a new link in the menubar, -EBOOKS. It can be found in the Literature section. Many books have lost their copyright status and are considered public domain. I've added a single book for now, but intend to add about 20+ more this week, so check back then.


News Bullet'n9/20/04 : I've updated the old Outdoor Supplement document. It's now called the MOTE Environmental Adventures. Some of the changes include:
1. Incorporation of the Survival skill into much of the resolution tasks.
2.Changes to the Fatigue rules.
3. Expanded weather charts and added a weather modifiers table.
4. Shelter finding rules (to get in and out of the nasty weather).
5. Added a new water and food contaminate.
I've also completed the 900th version of the Skills document. I think this time I'm done with major revisions. If you or I catch errors, then that will be the only reason I change it from now on. so PICK UP THE LATEST SKILLS DOC!
Ok...I'm still trying to get that darn Feats document completed. It's going to be a MONSTER! After that, it should only be a week more til the final release of the Automatons doc.


News Bullet'n9/15/04 : Another author and RPG fan would like you to check out HIS latest novels, Idlewild and Edenborn, two PA books in a trilogy. Some of you may recognize the author, Mr. Nick Sagan, son of Carl Sagan the famous scientist and his nearly equaly famous mother Linda Salzman the screenwriter. To check out either or both books CLICK HERE. As usual, I'll be checking my personal collection to see if I have these books, if not, I'll be picking them up.
UPDATE: I'm struggling trying to find time to get the MOTE Feats section done. Since I am combining most of the OGC feats I can find, the work is a bit more than I intended or expected.
Also, I've added another link in the menubar. You can now find links to PA authors and books that bother to visit the PAForge to announce their books. This link is simply called, PA Books Links.


News Bullet'n9/10/04 : Mr.Brian Snelson, author of the new PA novel Shaturanga would like you to know about his efforts and invites you to check it out. Simply CLICK HERE for info. It does sound intriguing, and I myself, will be picking up a copy at first opportunity.
UPDATE: Matt's new Badder scenarios were for GW4th NOT for GW 1/2. Sorry bout that, hope I didn't confuse anyone.


News Bullet'n9/08/04 : Matt ( Motatumbo ) has been kind enough to submit two new scenarios for Gamma World 1/2, Badder to the Bone and Badder to the Bone II. You can find them under either link. Do check them out, the premise is pretty cool and contains some nice twists.


News Bullet'n9/03/04 : Alrighty then....I've completed some things.
1. MOTE SKILLS: COMPLETELY rewritten. If you have an earlier version, throw it out and download this one. It completely changes the way the skills are structured in the MOTE setting and many of the skills themselves have changed from their OGC sources.
2. MOTE TECHNOLOGY: A lot has changed in this document as well. Better download it.
3. TRAPS: I did some slight adjustments on this one. Nothing major, but you should probably download it anyway.
4. NPC CLASSES: Yet some more minor adjustments. Again, nothing major, but its good to pick up none the less.
I should have the MOTE FEATS section done soon. Naturally, a lot of the new Skills require corresponding feats to function. The Automatons section is delayed until I can get the skills and feats sections complete. Plus I will have to update other sections or at least check them to make sure they remain compatible with my new skills and feats material. I'm working as often as I can on all these projects, but real life is taking up most of my precious time, so those of you waiting for this material to be complete, hang in there.


News Bullet'n8/31/04 : I had to squeeze just ONE more update in before the month was up. I've had to completely re-write the SRD/OGC Traps document to reflect both Skills and Feats changes and also, genre changes. I've added in some modern and ultra-modern options to traps. It's 20pages long, check it out under the MOTE link.


News Bullet'n8/26/04 : I've managed to get a little work done. I put up a new link to a FAQ on the effects of nuclear weapons. It's under the Literature link on the menubar. I've also updated the MOTE NPC Classes document and the MOTE Technology document(there were a lot of changes here that effect game play, so you need to get this one). I have TONS more stuff coming soon, I just need a little time to get it done. I've been real busy lately with real life issues. Be patient with me.


News Bullet'n8/15/04 : Zirra has just submitted another group of MOST excellent mutations formated for GammaWorld 4thEd. You can check them out under that link. THANKS ZIRRA for your dedicated work for the genre! ON my own part, I'm sorry for not generating new material lately. I'm stuck in a rewrite of some basic documents (namely the Skills and Feats sections). Once I finish those, then I will have to update all the other sections to reflect the new skills and feats, when that happens there will be a LOT of updates to put up. SO, keep checking back every few days.


News Bullet'n8/03/04 : Well, I'm back from vacation, and man am I tired. I'm never doing that again. It's more work than work. Anyway, for those of you who joined me playing SigmaStorm, I created a Squad called GammaRauders. You have to pay the $20 to join a squad and gain other benefits, although general play is free.
Also, I forgot to mention that yesterday I uploaded 6 changed documents for the MOTE setting, they are:
1. NPC Classes
2. Mote Players Guide
3. Mote Feats
4. Mote Skills
5. and the as yet unfinished Automatons supplement in the UnderDevelopment section.
6. The MOTE zip file that contains ALL the updated docs in one package
I've just made some more changes to the NPC Classes and Mote Players Guide and will be uploading those in the next day or so. So, expect another announcement soon. Anyway, it's good to be back, I have lots of releases planned.


News Bullet'n7/14/04 : HEY...there is a new online PA game. Come join me there. I play as GammaHammer. See if you can find me. I'll be setting up a Squad soon, so we can play cooperatively if you want. Just go here: SigmaStorm. See ya in the Wastelands!


News Bullet'n7/11/04 : I've added a new menu item or rather, completed one. the Misc. Links now actually has some links. Recent talks in some of the PA groups I am a member of has turned to miniatures, so I decided to list a few resources. Check them out, there are some pretty cool minis out there to enhance your PA gaming experience. Feel free to suggest some new links.


News Bullet'n7/08/04 : The PAForge is proud to present a new featured post apocalyptic RPG - DARWIN'S WORLD, in conjunction with an exclusive pre-release of a new Darwin's World introductory adventure, Savage Rights. You can check it all out by following the Darwin's World link in the menubar. Thanks RPGOBJECTS and Chris Davis!


News Bullet'n7/06/04 : Tightened up a few things in the MOTE Feats and MOTE Vehicle Supplement docs. Be sure to pick those up when you can.


News Bullet'n6/29/04 : Updated the working Automatons System documents in the Under Development section of the MOTE link. I'm ALMOST done. There has been a HUGE amount of sure and check it out and get back to me with feedback before I finalize.


News Bullet'n6/28/04 : I'm such a screw up. Thank goodness there are people out there who are willing to let me know that with enthusiasm. I've made some EXTENSIVE changes to the following documents:
MOTE Feats
MOTE Skills
I recommend that both these files be downloaded as there are enough changes to warrant it.


News Bullet'n6/27/04 : I told you there would be frequent updates of the MOTE docs. Now do you believe me? I've updated:
MOTE Players Guide
MOTE Relic Technologies
MOTE Feats (Herytik has been a great help and is getting some creator creds)
I recommend that ALL these files be downloaded as there are enough changes to warrant it.


News Bullet'n6/25/04 : Completed some changes to more MOTE documents. The Mote Feats, The Mote Relic Technologies and the MOTE NPC/Monster material. The first two have had major revisions and I recommend a download. The NPC material has had minor changes and you could get away without a fresh download, but it's only I'd do it anyway. I have a lot of stuff ALMOST done, I just need a few hours to get it all together. Look for it soon, I hope.


News Bullet'n6/13/04 : Instituted some changes to some of the MOTE documents. These were largely in response to suggestions by Herytik.
Changed documents include:
Players Guide - Extensive enough changes to warrant a download. Fixed some balance issues with the genotypes and several other smaller changes.
MOTE Skills - Deleted some, changed some. Probably worth a download.
MOTE Feats - HUGE changes here. I've either added, changed or deleted at least 60 feats. I HIGHLY recommend a download.
MOTE Diseases and Remedies - Rules additions and clarifications. The tables themselves haven't changed, but still should be downloaded for the rules.
Post Apocalyptic Movies List - Just some minor changes. you can wait for more extensive changes for a download.


News Bullet'n6/08/04 : FINALLY completed the new NPC/Monster Classes document. It combines at least two different sections of the original D20 SRD into a single document that reflects the non-magical, post apocalyptic genre of the MOTE setting. It has all the npc classes, templates, powers, abilities, name it. I'm getting really burned out so I may take a break. Don't expect anything else for awhile, but you never know. I am SOO close to finishing the automatons system, that I might push through and get that done to. Plus I have some great suggestions from Heratyk to implement. Ahhh, the job is NEVER done...ghack!


News Bullet'n5/31/04 : Check out the Player Character Animal Extras document under the Mutazoids3e link. Moses Wildermuth has released yet another freebee here at the PAForge for the adoring masses.
I'd also like to thank Heratyk for taking the time to give me some great feedback on some of the MOTE material. Feedback is invaluable to the creation process and I greatly appreciate it.


News Bullet'n5/27/04 : Updated several files:
1. Players Guide: Changed some minor details with animal, plant, and android templates and some format changes.
2. Mutations System: Extensive changes here. Some mutations changed, some moved, some added. Plant defects added and character specific physical mutations also added. Physical mutations now play a more prominant role.
3. Updated the Disease and Remedies to reflect recent non-humanoid additions to the system.

All of these can be found under the MOTE link for those who are following the updates.


News Bullet'n5/24/04 : The NPC CLASSES file has been updated and greatly expanded and can be found on the Under Development page of the MOTE link. I was hoping to have it done by last Sunday, but a visitor and the fact I had to do some major rewrites of material has delayed it. I've also updated the MOTE Mutations material to include Plant Mutations. Updated the MOTE Feats and Players Guide as well. Plenty more to come...just need more hours in the day or a job that doesn't take up so much of my time. Changes in one section precipitates changes in other sections, so you will see documents changed quite frequently. Check back every week or so to catch them all.


News Bullet'n5/16/04 : Added another MOTE element to the UnderDevelopment page of the MOTE link. NPC CLASSES. Details the advancement of NPC's in the MOTE setting. Go ahead and check it out and tell me what you think.


News Bullet'n5/14/04 : Completed updates of several MOTE documents. The list is as follows:
1. D20 Conditions
2. MOTE Feats
3. MOTE Skills
4. MOTE Players Guide (formerly MOTE Character Generation)
5. MOTE Vehicle Supplement
6. MOTE Mutations System

If you have previous versions of any of those files, please update now. The D20 Conditions, Skills and Feats only have minor changes, most of which are formating in nature. The other files I would consider having changes that would effect game play if your using them. I've been inspired by working with Moses Wildermuth to start adding borders and header text color, so don't be shocked by the new look of the documents. I made a LOT of changes so make sure you tell me if a link is broke. More material in the works.....ENJOY!


News Bullet'n5/13/04 : A new submission by the producer of Mutazoids3e has prompted me to add another featured RPG...Mutazoids3e is now a featured RPG here at the PAForge. Under the Mutazoids3e link you can find two new submissions, the first is the Big Book of Plants and Animals, 102 pages of D20ish critters, the other a preview of the Mutazoids3e Players Book. Check it out, it's worth seeing. THANKS MOSES "WOLFY" WILDERMUTH!


News Bullet'n5/09/04 : I've added a new featured RPG...The Morrow Project. This is largely thanks to an outstanding contribution from Nathan Decker and John Raner. They've put together a terrific work called The MP Travel Guide. It really is worth checking out. 180 pages of geopolitical and regional fun. This body of work can be found under the new Morrow Project link of the menubar. Thanks guys...your support for the genre makes me all tingly.


News Bullet'n5/05/04 : Due to projects I'm currently working on I've had to update the skills list, so get the new copy under the MOTE link. I also added the OGL legaleez while I was at it(which I'll be doing for all my rules system as time allows. I don't want the WOTC legal nazis kicking in my door).


News Bullet'n4/29/04 : Did some more work on and updated the file MOTE Automatons which can be found on the Under Development page of the MOTE link. I've also added a list of GW mutation conversions generously donated by Al Jewell and offered in the D20 format. They can be found in a couple of places, the D20 Resources page and the GWD20 page. Thanks Al.


News Bullet'n4/20/04 : Added another MOTE component to the Under Development page, The MOTE Weapons Compendium. Check it out if you feel like it and give me feedback. As usual you can find the the UD page under the MOTE link.


News Bullet'n4/19/04 : You will find two new images submitted by Paul Zane in the PA Related Images section, they are the yellow and black trefoil images. Also submitted was a bevy of aquatic creatures by Zirra_Scrohunter in GW2nd and 4th Ed. formats. These can be found under both the GW2nd and 4th Ed. links in the menubar. Enjoy!


News Bullet'n4/08/04 : I've been working on several projects for the MOTE setting, new character generation and automaton generation rules. I've put them under a new section under the MOTE link called 'Under Development' for feedback. This page will be used from now on before I release documents to the general public, so that I can put out better, more professional material. If you'd like to participate in this process, please do visit the UD page, download the working files and have a looksy. Opinions are appreciated.


News Bullet'n3/27/04 : Finally updated the Apocalyptic Books List. I've added more than 1000 titles and even an addendum that relists some of the more popular books of several series for your collection research. You can find it under the PA Books link in the menubar.


News Bullet'n3/25/04 : Just a quick note to let you all know I haven't died or anything, and I am working on some things for the site and for Masters of the Earth. I've also done another selfless deed and started a Yahoo Group/List which focuses on the apocalyptic and PA genre we all know and love. This is intended to be a general discussion group that covers a broad range of specific topics having most anything to do with the subject. You can join or check it out at: or you can simply sign up right here at the bottom of the menubar to your left....


News Bullet'n3/19/04 : YEAH! Finally got the latest installment of the Pelbar Cycle done(The Song of the Axe). It can be found in the alternate campaigns section along with the previous 5 books. I don't know when I'll be able to get the last one done, but I hope to at least start working on it next week.


News Bullet'n3/05/04 : WOW! What a crazy month this has been for me. Been working 12-16+ hours a day and when I get some down time I've been too burnt out to get anything done for the site...but, I put my nose to the ol' grindstone and was able to get the mini-adventure The Paths of the Lil published for you greedy little collectors of GW material. This was written by James Ward for the White Dwarf and he gave me permission to reprint it pay his site a visit at Fast Forward Games to thank him. You can find the adventure under the scenarios link in the menubar.


News Bullet'n2/26/04 : EGADS! Has it really been this long since I added content? Well...I HAVE been very busy lately. Thanks to Thyfur's recent submission I have been motivated to complete an update of the PA Movies list. I've included several new movies and anime movies, as well as updating some information for some movies I wasn't able to find information on earlier. I've also added an index with subcategories of PA genres to help discern the subtly different movie categories that comprise the genre. Keep those movies, books and RPG games coming folks. I'm sure I don't have them all....


News Bullet'n2/10/04 : You will find a new menu link today. A featured RPG is now Masters of the Earth, my own PA genre roleplaying game. It is currently a work in progress, but most of the elements are in place as some of you already know. Masters of the Earth started out as a home grown campaign using the GW3rd Ed. rules, then migrated to the D20 system when that came out and my players wanted uniformity of resolution systems for their gaming. Now, because of the MANY changes I've instituted over time I've decided to develop the campaign and resolution system using D20 OGL material into its own rpg. Whether I offer the final game as a commercial product or as a free download I am not yet decided. My wife is always bugging me to make money at my 'little hobby'.


News Bullet'n2/09/04 : I completed yet ANOTHER update of the skills and feats documents, again, making sure they jibe with other documents. If you have a version prior to todays date, be sure and pick up the new ones. I've also finally got around to completing the mini-adventure and floorplan set The Compound. You can pick those up under the Misc.Maps link.


News Bullet'n2/02/04 : John Raner submitted a proficiency system for use in the Gamma World 1st Ed. It uses a similar method to the AD&D system as it's core, but adapted for use in the PA setting. It looks pretty cool, check it out! You can find it under the GW1 menu option.


News Bullet'n2/01/04 : Since one of the very first things I did when I started creating my own D20 PA system was the Skills and Feats, and I haven't updated them since, they have become obsolete and did not match the many changes I included in other system documents. Anyway, I have now rectified that situation and updated both the Feats and the Skills. Old ones have been changed or clarified and some new ones have been added. Check it out.


News Bullet'n1/27/04 : The first of two lost convention modules, Water Rights has been completed. You can find it in the GW2 or the Scenarios menu option. Thanks again, Katkin_Kalvin! Also added today was the GW4th Ed. Secrets of the Ancients Netbook, with generous permission of it's compiler, Kerry Jordan. This document can be found under the GW4th link, naturally.


News Bullet'n1/22/04 : I'm pleased to announce the offering of a little known, hard to find convention scenario for Gamma World 2nd Ed. Mudflat Walker by Paul Kenney, graciously provided by Katkin_Kalvin...thanks man! You can find it under the Scenarios or the GW2nd menu option.


News Bullet'n1/21/04 : Updated the PA Movies list to include, 1 new movie, 3 new tv movies and 1 new tv series. Keep the info coming people....!


News Bullet'n1/20/04 : Completed the 5th book (An Ambush of Shadows) of the Pelbar Cycle. You'll find it in the Alternative Campaigns section. Real world commitments are keeping me from getting more updates done...sorry bout that! Thanks Christian Guenther for pointing out an error in one of the PA RPG names. It's fixed!


News Bullet'n1/08/04 : Ok I'm done pouting and I'm back to work on the projects I was working on before the data loss. Most of what I have left are pretty big, so I probably won't have anything till the end of the month. I'll try to get some stuff up before then, but we'll see how the schedule goes. oh yeah...lets have one more FUCKING WINDOWS! Just for fun. Those of you who are mutants with a sonic defect...sorry for the yelling! and Happy New Year! ( I hope )

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