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News Bullet'n12/30/03 : Well...lost all of my planned projects to a file transfer error that ATE my frign files today. I was in the midst of a backup via a briefcase 'update' (windows users know what I'm talking about)and instead of an update, they simply deleted themselves, never to be seen again. So much for playing it safe with a backup! HOURS worth of work. I'm so pissed and frustrated that I'm going to take a sabatical from producing anything new for awhile. I'm going to drink extraordinary amounts of beer and yell at my playstation instead. For those waiting for another update...keep waiting. FUCKING WINDOWS! FUCKING WINDOWS PROGRAMMERS!


News Bullet'n12/24/03 : Added 2 new menu items: Explosive Materials and A Glossary of Ammunition Terms. The new Misc. Map: The Compound has been delayed, but should get it out soon. Won't be able to get the next Pelbar Cycle alternate campaign guide out this month. Working on a couple of other big projects, one dealing with a comprehensive list of weapons suitable for the PA setting in D20 format. Hopefully have that done around the New Year. Updating the movies and books list as well, so look for that around the New Year to.


News Bullet'n12/19/03 : Finally completed my robotics system I call it D20Automatons. It is in a prelimary status right now. Not sure I'm completely happy with the way it turned out. Its 14 pages as I recall and details how automatons fit in my setting and rules governing thier abilties and functions as well as how to build and break them. Anyway, I had to change some material in the D20 Relics Technology and the Character Generation rules, so make sure you get the latest updates for those as well. Everything can be found under the Omega World/GW D20 link.


News Bullet'n12/15/03 : Thanks to all of you and your patronage I've finally reached a milestone. I've used my entire bandwidth allocation for the month. GHACK! This is kind of forcing an issue I haven't had an opportunity to deal with. I purchased a domain name for the PAForge's permanent home a while back, but I haven't had time to move in. I'm going to have to allocate a minute or two to get that site up. So...I may have an announcement soon to that effect. I went ahead and moved The Vault files there so people can keep on downloading.


News Bullet'n12/14/03 : It took awhile but I finally completed The Vault. A 15 level generic floorplan for use in Modern or Post Apocalytic settings. You can find it under the Misc. Maps link. I think it turned out pretty good! Also added a new link in the PA RPG Links link. Tormento Khan's GWD20 site. Check it out TONS of material.


News Bullet'n12/12/03 : Added week 3 of the current MA1st Ed. Pbem run by David B. Naturally, you'll find that under the MA link. YAAAAA! It's FRIDAY. I also updated the non-frames links. For those of you who are not frames capable...let me know if there are problems.


News Bullet'n12/11/03 : Completed an update of the Master's of the Earth Character Generation document. It is complete and more clear now, and has pretty colors to. It is compatible with D20 core products with a few campaign specific changes. For now you can find it under the Omega World link. I've also added an errata document for MA3 under the MA link of the menubar. While I was at it, I finally got around to adding food and water finding rules to the Outdoor Adventure Supplement. So check that out too.


News Bullet'n12/10/03 : I've just completed some BIG updates. Check out the new maps and descriptions under the Maps link and the Omega World link for the updated D20 Conditions and Outdoor Supplement. I've also created a new link in the Menubar, Random Search Tables. Check it all out, I'm starting to actually add some color in my documents. If I keep this up my work is going to start being mistaken for professional material. I should have a new Character Generation document up soon...don't bite your nails waiting.


News Bullet'n12/07/03 : Ok...I've created a new section, the Misc. D20 Resources. You'll find resources there that I create for the D20 system. Including the new Moral System I completed just today. I'm also pleased to announce that I've updated the D20 Outdoor Adventuring Supplement. I've changed the format, made some explanations clearer and added some new information, including a Fatigue System and Starvation and Thirst rules, and more. It's worth checking out.


News Bullet'n12/05/03 : Finally finished the latest installment of the Pelbar Cycle: The Fall of the Shell, which can be found in the Alternate Campaigns section. Oh ya...I finally added the map I scanned from the paperback. The quality is shaky, but was the best I could do given the shape the original was in. I have plenty more projects in the works, just need the time to get them check back occasionally.


News Bullet'n12/03/03 : Completed format changes for some of the GW pages and added the new Gamma World D20 link. Also added some product images to the Featured RPGs.


News Bullet'n11/24/03 : Thanks to BADDKARMA for submitting a GW4th to D20 Mutations conversion. For now, you'll find it under the Omega World/GWD20 link. Plus, I've added Week 2 in the MA Pbem Send In The Clones. Under the MA link naturally.


News Bullet'n11/13/03 : Updated the Post Apocalyptic Movies List, added two new movies....errr, actually, old ones that I missed the first time.


GOD bless the Veterans11/11/03 : I'm a veteran of 12 years, and I'm giving a shout out to all those who've sacrificed for the greater good and a higher cause than the self.Thanks Bros...!
I've also added another list...D20 Conditions. I've added 23 new ones that I thought were unfortunate omissions. Check them out in the Lists section of the menubar.


News Bullet'n11/09/03 : Updated the Metamorphosis Alpha link to include a Pbem campaign that's currently underway. Check it out, it's pretty cool. Fixed a couple of broken links in the GWd20 section that Oz pointed out to me...thanks Oz! Thanks to Jason Locher for adding a couple of new items for the PA RPG list. I added another 6 to! Look for a comparison of task resolution systems in the literature section. 10 systems listed so far.


News Bullet'n10/30/03 : Added the third installment in the Pelbar Cycle series of Campaign Supplements. Check it out in the Alternative Campaigns link.


News Bullet'n10/18/03 : Checkout the review of Mutazoids3E in the Literature section of the menubar. Mutazoids3E is a PA RPG from an independent publisher. They still used SRD/OGL material, so it retains compatibility with other D20 products, but they use their own character generation system, so it is a stand-alone product that doesn't require the purchase of other D20 core products. I was also able to contact Dan Krezter about 'This Means War'. A GW3rd Ed. mass combat system. I've added that to the GW3rd section. WHOOPS! Almost forgot to tell you all that I finally got around to adding my 3rd Ed. Gamma World sheets I used for my Masters of the Earth Campaign setting. That's also under the GW3rd link.


News Bullet'n10/10/03 : Updated my D20 Modern Weapons file to keep it in line with recent developements in the D20 Vehicle System. Also added the Darwin's World RPG link to the RPG Links page and an archive list of RPGs by company name.Since it's been a productive day for me, I've gone ahead and added an entire new section to the site. From now on, you can read PA related literature by going straight to the PA Literature section. YAAAA!(feel free to submit something of your own. Perhaps an essay or piece of short fiction).


News Bullet'n10/09/03 : Just completed a D20 Vehicle System based on the D20Modern rules. It's 20 pages long and chock full of goodies. Check it out, you might find something useful in there. To compliment the vehicle rules I've added some new feats to the D20 Feats list. All this can be found under the Omega World/D20 GW link.


News Bullet'n10/06/03 : Added a directory of U.S. Military Bases and an updated d20Modern Skills List in my Omega World/D20 GW link.


News Bullet'n9/30/03 : Added the second installment from The Pelbar Cycle PA Alternate Campaign Setting. It details the second book The Ends of the Circle. There are seven books total, so look for the other 5 in the future. I'm trying to do one a month..wish me luck. hehe!


News Bullet'n9/20/03 : Thanks to Charles Broadlick for pointing out an error in a link to the 3rd Ed. Armor tables. It is now fixed.


News Bullet'n9/19/03 : I've just updated my Relics Technology file under the Omega World/D20 heading.
Changes include the addition of a Condition of items and a Catastrophic Failure system, when studying or handling artifacts. Many thanks to Regi Blue for the ideas his own Artifacts Resolution system gave me, though I ended up taking another route entirely.


News Bullet'n9/12/03 : John Raner was kind enough to point out an omission in the Gamma World Products list. I have updated it with the information provided by him...THANKS AGAIN John. I'm beginning to suspect he is the only visitor I get... ;-).
I've also taken the liberty of enlarging the menubar's text after reports that it was soo small that it was difficult to read for those of us 'OLDER' gamers..hehe.


News Bullet'n9/10/03 : John Raner was kind enough to submit a new campaign setting based on Andre Norton's Daybreak 2250 A.D. Novel. Check it out in the Alternative Campaigns section. Thanks John! I've also added a submissions guidelines page for those who'd like to follow his example.


News Bullet'n9/08/03 : Welcome to the PA Forge's new look. I finally got around to making a frames version for better navigation. For those without frames capable browsers, don't worry, I thought of you as well. Please feel free to look around, hopefully everything will be easier to find now that it is better structured. If you have trouble finding something, don't despair, just give a shout out and I'll find it or fix it. I may have missed something when doing the change-over.

Partial List of Updates

- Nearly all downloadable files except some utilities converted to the .pdf 4.0 format for universality.
- Some files consolidated into a singleee source.
- Many new links to check out.
- New campaign settings based on populaaar PA books or movies.
- Much new material, maps and resourcesss for the PA minded GM.

There is so much that has changed that I recommend that you take the time to explore all the links. Even the old material has been at the very least reformatted if not changed.



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